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Corner kick bet is currently considered one of the most popular side bets in football betting at bookmakers. With extremely attractive odds, corner kick bets are chosen by a large number of players. Let's find out how to play corner kick bets in the betting tips guide below!


Corner kick bet, as its name suggests, is a type of bet based on the number of corner kicks in a match, where players do not need to care about the winning or losing team or the number of goals scored in the match. Accordingly, corner kick bets focus on the number of corner kicks awarded by the referee, or some factors related to corner kicks such as which team will take the first corner kick or which team will take the last corner kick.

Bookmakers will base on the correlation of strength between the two teams, the nature of the match, and the specific characteristics of each team to offer corresponding corner kick bets. Typically, the number of corner kicks per match will fluctuate between 10 and 12, so when players place bets, they can rely on this number to deduce and choose the most reasonable option.


There are many different types of corner kick bets, but the most common ones at reputable bookmakers are as follows:

Over/Under corner kick bet: Players predict whether the total number of corner kicks by both teams in the match will be higher (over) or lower (under) than the odds set by the bookmaker.

Handicap corner kick bet: One team is given a certain number of corner kicks compared to the other team. The team with the handicap must have more corner kicks than the other team by at least the number of corner kicks given in order to win.

First half corner kick bet: Players predict the total number of corner kicks by both teams in the first half of the match.

Second half corner kick bet: Players predict the total number of corner kicks by both teams in the second half of the match.

How to Play Corner Kick Betting Effectively

To play corner kick betting effectively, players need football tips app to pay attention to the following issues:

Thoroughly Researching Both Teams:

Before placing bets, players need to thoroughly research both teams, including their strengths, current form, playing style, etc. These are important factors that can influence the number of corner kicks each team might receive.

Monitoring Match Developments:

During the match, players need to closely monitor the match developments to make appropriate adjustments to their betting. For example, if both teams are playing aggressively with many foul situations, the likelihood of more corner kicks will be higher.

Considering the Odds:

The odds are an important factor in determining the amount of winnings for players. However, players should not only focus on high odds but also consider the likelihood of winning the bet.

Betting Responsibly:

Players should bet responsibly, only wagering an amount they can afford to lose.

Some Tips from Experts in Corner Kick Betting:

In addition to the above issues, players can consider some tips to avoid falling into bookmakers' traps in corner kick betting:

Pay Attention to Weather Conditions:

Weather conditions can affect the playing style of both teams and thus influence the number of corner kicks. For example, rainy weather or slippery fields might result in more corner kicks.

Consider the Playing Style of Both Teams:

Teams that play attacking football or employ high pressing tactics usually earn more corner kicks than defensive-minded teams.

Take Note of Head-to-Head History:

The head-to-head history between two teams can provide insights into the trends of corner kicks in their previous encounters.

Consider the Squad Situation:

Teams missing key players, especially those skilled in taking corner kicks, are less likely to generate as many corner kick opportunities.

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Corner kick betting is an exciting and attractive form of betting. However, players need to thoroughly understand the gameplay and potential risks before participating.


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